Modern Arnis is a Filipino style of empty hand fighting, stick fighting, knife fighting, joint locking, and much more. The class is taught with a street-practical approach learning to hold two identical weapons, two different weapons, one weapon, or no weapons at all. The class is taught in a way where you are constantly learning how to strike, block,  and joint lock all throughout the course, and it is also a lot of fun.

Mr. Lahr has been training with his teacher Pai Pono Li (Mr. Rothermel) in the system of Modern Arnis. Mr. Rothermel started training Modern Arnis with Professor Remy Presas in 1983. Professor Presas taught his Modern Arnis on the premise that it was a system of Martial Arts that could stand alone or work in conjunction with any other Martial Art. It will break all the weapons down into basic categories so that anything you pick up you will feel comfortable immediately. Mr. Rothermel found this to be a great tool to understand Martial Arts weaponry to a much greater depth. 

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