See what our student's think about the school

I’ve been in the Pai Lum system for over 8 years and have had the great fortune of training alongside Shen Shung Lahr for a good deal of that time. I have the greatest confidence that he will continue the tradition of thorough and complete martial arts instruction that our teachers continue to employ to this day. Highly recommended.
— Sam Rothermel
I looked at several martial arts schools for my son and could not find a good fit. The day I meet the owner/instructor Shen Shung Brian Lahr I knew I had found the right fit. Shen Shung Brian is an excellent teacher .... very patient and understanding. Thank you
— Theresa Nieves
Shen Shung Lahr is an excellent instructor. His classes are fun and very informative. I have been attending class for 3 months now and look forward to attending class each day. I would encourage anyone who is looking to develop Kung Fu skills or who is interested in general fitness, to give the Mechanicsburg Kung Fu Center a try.
— Mark Ritter
Mechanicburg kung fu center is a very good martial arts school and the instructor is calm and understanding
— Larry Aldaz
Great instruction, great technique; kids’ classes offered, tai chi offered, lots of resources on martial arts, meditation, 6 classes a week with 2 in the day to accommodate (though you can come in and train anytime). What I learned here changed me for the better, and continues to do so. Kung fu fixes everything! Highly recommended!
— Amy Eichorn
Training at the Mechanicsburg Kung Fu Center has benefited me greatly; mentally, physically and spiritually. Shen Shung Lahr is a patient teacher and will take the extra time to help you if you aren’t completely grasping the concept being taught. If you’re thinking about becoming a student here, I would highly recommend it. I look forward to every class because I leave without the burden of stress I build up over the day.
— Shannon Thomas
Shen Shung Lahr is a great instructor and terrific with kids !! My daughter is 9 years old and has been going for over 8 months now and she loves it !! She has learned a great deal and it has been a tremendous confidence builder. She looks forward to every class and is determined to go the distance. Thanks Brian, we look forward to the years ahead.
— Chris Knisely
I am 63 and was a bit wary about beginning this, but Brian is a great teacher and I find the experience very rewarding. My flexibility and balance have markedly increased, as have my strength and endurance. I highly recommend this school to people of all ages.
— Mike Essig
I am a new student and I am very happy to be a part of this new school. Brian seems to be a good instructor and very knowledgable in all aspects.
— Mike McCann
I have a hard time in new places and with new people but upon meeting everyone in my Tai Chi class I felt at home. The instructor, Brian, makes learning fun. He also teached real life application so we understand the use and need of the art he is teaching us. My whole family goes there, at least the older ones, go to him and as the young ones come of age so will they!
— Sherry Keller
My son is 7 years old and started training with Shen Shung Brian Lahr 3 months ago. After the Introduction class my son said Shen Shung Brian is “awesome” and he has been very happy to go to class no matter if it snows or rains or even when he is tired! Teaching very young children and engaging their attention is a challenge and Mr. Lahr has a unique style of teaching that appeals to students and reaches to little ones, making it fun and at the same time inculcating a sense of calmness, focus and discipline. The class size is ideal. It is a true pleasure to see the interaction between such a wonderful teacher and the kids. He is a valuable addition to the community and I am very glad to have found him as instructor for our little one. Definitely recommend it as a top pick for Martial Arts training!
- Susmitha
Mechanicsburg Kung Fu is fantastic! Brian provides a SAFE environment for my 10 year old son’s physical, mental & emotional development through the lens of martial arts. Brian is a knowledgeable, talented, & committed mentor!
— Annemarie Heckert
I’ve been a Tai Chi student of Brian’s for about 1 year. Not ever having been involved in martial arts I wasn’t sure how I would like it. Well so far it has been a very positive experience. Brian is a great teacher ,very knowledgeable with an easy and accepting approach toward his students.
The facility is clean and neat. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an interest to learn about martial arts. A free introductory class is available.
— Sid Culbertson
An excellent martial arts school for all ages. Xian Sheng Lahr (Brian) is incredibly passionate about his program and personally teaches each class. He is teaching both the discipline of the art as well as the responsibility of using martial arts. After previewing several other schools in the area we found Mechanicsburg Kung Fu Center to be the absolute best!
— Lisa Dubniczki
Good place to learn the art. comprehensive instruction and also thorough with reasoning on the different steps. highly recommended.
— Christian Aquino
Clean, professional, and exceptionally friendly environment. My child has Toirette’s and ADHD. I cannot commend the instructor enough for teaching her self discipline and boosting her self confidence. This school has my highest recommendation.
— Jeanette Hocker
There are many schools in the area to choose from when it comes to martial arts training. To be sure, I can’t speak to the quality of most of them, but I can speak to my experience at the Mechanicsburg Kung-Fu center. Which thus far has been purposeful, worthwhile and enlightening. The instruction by Shen Shung Brian Lahr ( former U.S. Marine) through the Pai Lum system is calculated, ensuring that each student understands the movements and their physiological path, creating a solid foundation to build on. As a student, you want to know that what you’re spending your time and money on is authentic, applicable and fun. Shen Shung Brian Lahr is a great guy and delivers all three of these qualities consistently. If you are considering a school to train at, Mechanicsburg Kung Fu center should be at the top of the list!
— Kelly Hollinger
I am 7 years old. I very much like Kung Fu class with instructor Brian and using the equipment. I like stretching and punching, please continue teaching more!
- Tej Emany
I have been a student here since December 2014. Brian is always available to help you train and grow with the art. The school is flexible and will make efforts to accommodate your needs. Brian is focused on your success. Since I have been a student, my balance, flexibility and muscle tone have all improved. More importantly, my patience and focus have both strengthened.
— Nathan McWilliams
I have been to other schools. I like this one the best. Highly recommend
— Jared Taylor
If you are looking for a place near Mechanicsburg to learn how to actually defend yourself, then this is the place for you.
If you are looking for a place to be instructed by a knowledgeable teacher that has your well-being in mind, then this is the place for you.
— Dave Kopp
If you want to develop your mind, body, or spirit; Mechanicsburg Kung Fu Center is the place to go.
The instuctor Brian Lahr is an extremely skilled, intelligent teacher with an ability to teach an entire crowd and still give every student an individualized lesson.
The training is accomidating to a vast range of students. It is as challenging and conditioning as you choose to make it, yet inspiring enough that you want to push yourself.
By your side through this training you will have the support of the Pai Lum family. A group of brothers and sisters there to improve themselves and the lives of those around them.
This is not a Planet fitness, but this is a judgement free zone. A place where you can not only excercise your body, but develop your mind.
Within the first month I was enrolled in the program I was back to the physical condition I was in high school, seeing life more clearly, and beginning to apply the methods I learned to effortlessly(almost instictively) overcome challenges everyday. Kung Fu no longer stops when I leave the dojo. I take it with me everywhere I go and could not imagine my life without it.
I would sincerely recommend this to friends, family, and anyone else looking to get fit, build confidence, or expand their horizon.
— Christian Long