Introductory Class

 Introductory Class for Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Arnis. 

Intro class for both Children and Adults. 

Introductory Class Includes:

  1. A 45 minute class to provide a basic introduction onto any of the art forms taught. This class will provide a good and thorough understanding to start grasping some of the basic concepts and principles. Setting a base and foundation which allows you to transfer with in the school setting more comfortably and to start your training immediately. 
  2. Setting proper body mechanics through postural excercises and providing alignment to allow a better understanding of the spine and how the body was meant to be used for both martial and daily use. 
  3. Formal breathing training to ensure the breathing process is correct and to start the body on correcting itself internally. Additionally, breathing exercise will help eliminate stress and put the body in a state of ease. 
  4. Forming correct body lines to help with balance and create an understanding of better movement to help remove injury. 

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